Alondra Smiles: A Quinceañera Story


An up-and-coming ensemble brings to life this heartwarming family film about a sweet fourteen-year-old girl who's preparing her coming-of-age celebration amid the turbulence of emotions that is known as adolescence.

Alondra (Natalie Gomez) has a positive attitude towards life despite having lost her parents to an accident seven years ago; she is grateful for her loving grandparents (Jose V. Villa and Josefina Ortega-Villa), whom she now lives with. Things seem to be going good for Alondra, especially after befriending Armando (Anthony Marquez), a nice guy she met while working at her uncle's restaurant. Unfortunately, Alondra's manipulative step-cousin Tatiana (Paloma Rodriguez) wants Armando as her date for her debutante party, and with the help of her sidekicks, Cecilia and Sophie (Marie Lusher, Sno E. Blac), she keeps Armando and Alondra apart while making them believe that she's just trying to help.

Besides dealing with Tatiana's wicked plans, Alondra also faces the fact that her uncle (Hugo Daniel Delgado), influenced by his ambitious wife Elena (Jill Remez), is considering selling the restaurant that Alondra's late parents opened. This is difficult for Alondra because the restaurant is a strong emotional link to her parents and she doesn't want to let it go.

With the support of her family, her best friend Jimmy (Brandon Miradi), her newfound friend Jessica (Crystal Havens) and an upbeat attitude, Alondra finds a way to make her special day unforgettable.

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